PampleMousse Bakery

PampleMousse Bakery is a small French inspired bakery located in downtown Wheaton on Main st just north of the tracks. The bakery opened on Dec 14, 2013. All of our baked goods are handmade from scratch using the finest ingredients in our open kitchen. All of our bakers are not only passionate about baking, they are also creative and friendly!

Located at the site of an old Quiznos, Hao and Ed spent several months transforming the space from an old sandwich shop to the image that Hao had in her head of what her bakery should look like! With some help from their daughter, Selina, the current space arose as what we hope is a friendly, inviting and exciting space!

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What's a PampleMousse?!

Many people ask us about our name. Of course, the short answer is that "pamplemousse" is French for "grapefruit". That leads to the question of why would you call your bakery "grapefruit"?? There are several answers to that question:

  • We love grapefruit!
  • It's such a fun word to say! (We've had many customers tell us it's their favorite French word too!
  • We like it that the second part is "mousse" like the dessert. That's why we capitalize the 'M'!
  • The name fits us! We are PampleMousse Bakery!