Macarons are one of our specialties and we take pride in their quality and flavors! Like everything else at PampleMousse bakery, our macarons are made from scratch right in our bakery. If you come at the right time, you may be able to see us piping the macarons or filling them!

We add and remove macaron occasionally but we'll try to keep this list as up to date as possible. Keep in mind that our macarons sell quickly and although we try to keep them in stock, if there's a specific flavor that you're really looking for, you may want to call ahead to make sure we have it available!

Our blueberry macarons are filled with a delicious natural blueberry buttercream

Chili Chocolate
Our chili chocolate macarons start with our dark chocolate ganache, but we then spice it up with the perfect mixture of cayenne pepper and chili powder to create a pefect taste!

Our coconut macarons are filled with a dark chocolate coconut ganache and rolled in shredded coconut. The tops are dusted with cocoa powder giving them that real coconut appearance!

Dark Chocolate
Filled with a ganache made from 60% Belgian chocolate couverture for the perfect amount of bitter to sweet ratio. We dust the tops with cocoa powder so that you can tell them apart from their milk chocolate cousins without having to bite into them!

Milk Chocolate
Filled with a ganache made from 35% Belgian chocolate couverture for the perfect milk chocolate sweetness and texture!

Earl Grey
Our earl grey macarons are filled with a white chocolate ganache made with fine Belgian white chocolate! The ganache is infused with the perfect amount of real Earl Grey tea. Don't worry, we strain the tea leaves before filling to leave you with a creamy Earl Grey macaron sensation!

Green Tea
Filled with a buttercream filling that is flavored with a special green tea flavoring that we import from France.

Our lavender macarons are filled with a white chocolate ganache made with fine Belgian white chocolate! We infuse the ganache with lavender flowers with our own special process that ensures the lavender essence is imparted to the ganache. A delicate taste and a favorite of many of our customers!

Filled with lemon buttercream made with natural flavoring and fresh lemon zest! truly a lemon lovers macaron!

A delicious buttercream made with natural mango flavoring!

Our signature macaron! The shells are pink and yellow to represent the different shades of grapefruit and the filling is a delicious buttercream flavored with natural grapefruit flavoring and fresh grapefruit zest!

Passion Fruit
A whimsical macaron reminiscent of the tropical fruit! Deep purple shells filled with a bright yellow passion fruit buttercream and rolled in tiny candy pearls to represent passion fruit seeds!

A favorite of our customers! Our pistachio macaron is filled with an Italian-style pistachio buttercream made with real pistachio. It's then rolled in chopped pistachios to give it that extra eye and taste appeal!

Raspberry Dark Chocolate
Everyone loves chocolate and everyone loves raspberry. The raspberry dark chocolate macaron is filled with our delicious dark chocolate ganache that is filled combined with real raspberry flavoring. The result is fantastic!

Red Velvet
Our wonderful red velvet shells are made with delicious belgian cocoa powder and filled with a fantastic cream cheese buttercream filling!

A delicate and fragrant rose buttercream inside delicate light pink macaron shells just like a real rose!

Salted Caramel
Delicious salted caramel buttercream inside our fantastic macaron shells topped with French Fleur de sel salt!

Filled with a delicious naturally flavored strawberry buttercream!

The vanilla macaron shells are flavored with vanilla beans...look closely and you'll see the little dots on the shells! These delicious shells are filled with a white chocolate ganache that is loaded with two different types of vanilla! ...and when we say loaded, we mean loaded!